Customer Stories

British Army

Location: United Kingdom

Instilling a DevOps culture to better support a worldwide mission


The British Army is the land warfare force of the United Kingdom (UK), principally charged with defending the population of the UK and its overseas territories.

The Army currently supports over 82,000 troops, 29,000 reservists, and thousands of support personnel.


Increase infrastructure resiliency and reduce downtime.

Speed software development and deployment.

Instill a DevOps culture.


Network virtualization achieves security, availability, and agility goals.

Automated networking operations reduce downtime, simplify traffic flows, and deliver apps and services faster.

Virtual desktop infrastructure enables remote access to apps and developer environments.


Automation across the data center enables the Army to create, test, and push new apps into production seamlessly.

Reduced time required to develop, deploy, and manage applications and reallocated those hours to more strategic resources and tasks.


VMware vSphere

VMware NSX

VMware Horizon 7