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Mecklenburg County

Location: United States

Improve mobility, security, and productivity while reducing local government costs


Mecklenburg County—home to the City of Charlotte, North Carolina—was formed in 1762. Employees are dedicated to making Mecklenburg County a community of pride and choice for people to live, work, and recreate. How well the county is meeting this vision is measured in four focus areas: community health and safety; effective and efficient government; social, educational, and economic opportunity; and sustainable community.


Improve the reach and availability of services.

Better protect citizen data, increase the security of county employees working in the field, and meet (HIPAA), (PHI), and (PII) compliance requirements.

Enable county employees to access data and applications anywhere, on tablets and mobile.

Achieve “One Person, One Device” initiative goals and reduce CREP.


VMware Workspace Suite enables Mecklenburg County employees to better protect and serve its community of over one million residents.


$3.2 million per year in cost avoidance via efficiencies and reducing computer replacement equipment purchases (CREP) costs.

Secure access to data and back-end systems for compliance with HIPAA, PHI, PII, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Elimination of data reentry and improvement of physical security.

Minimized time for employees to resolve device issues remotely with county administrators.

Reduced number of steps employees must take to access county resources.


VMware vShpere

VMware NSX

VMware Horizon

VMware Workspace Suite