Customer Stories


Location: United States

Improving clinical workflow delivery with secure mobile solutions


Cerner is in 30 countries worldwide serving over 450 clients across 11,000 sites. They are driving a value-based care model versus a volume-based care model, helping them to support patients being more proactive with their healthcare plans.


Lower costs for patients.

Ease of use for clinicians.

Protect operations of healthcare systems.

Improve clinical workflows.


Hyperconvergence powered by VMware vSAN, which helps drive down costs.

VMware AirWatch and Workspace ONE helps Cerner easily deploy over 40 mobile solutions remotely.

VMware NSX to help create micro-segmentation.


Through IT modernization, VMware enabled Cerner to improve the physician experience and patient outcomes.

Increased reliability improved patient care and enhanced communication with new customers.


VMware AirWatch

VMware Workspace ONE

VMware NSX

VMware vSAN