Customer Stories

Creative Solutions in Healthcare

Location: United States

Accelerates cloud journey to reduce costs and improve care


Creative Solutions in Healthcare, based in Fort Worth, Texas, provides nursing and assisted living facilities throughout the state. The company decided to migrate from its co-located physical environment to the cloud to save costs, improve application availability, and update its core infrastructure to comply with HIPAA.


Needed to comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST.

Too costly to update the physical infrastructure.

Periodic service outages at co-location facility.


Leveraged vCloud Air to quickly build a robust virtualized infrastructure in the cloud.

IT team is using vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud to add compute, storage, and networking resources as needed, and host their mission-critical EHR and other applications in the cloud.


33 percent reduction in IT costs.

HIPAA certification and compliance with other healthcare regulations.

Implemented a secure electronic health record (EHR) system in the cloud.

Focused on adding value to the business.


VMware vCloud Air

VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud