Customer Stories

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Location: United States

Professional services operationalize hospital systems


The high standard of care required to support children undergoing hospitalization is a key technology driver for Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH).

To support personalized experiences, consumer-driven information, and nursing coordination, the hospital worked with GroundControl and VMware to deploy a reliable infrastructure.


Improve patient engagement by supplying self-service, interactive entertainment.

Conserve resources to focus more on care, less on IT maintenance.

Comply with HIPAA and other privacy and security regulations across mobile devices.


To enable patients to use Apple iPads at their bedside, PCH used VMware AirWatch for mobile device management (MDM) along with provisioning technology from GroundControl, a VMware partner.

With deep API links between GroundControl and AirWatch, PCH benefits from a fully integrated solution. PCH uses those APIs to integrate with Allscripts, its hosted electronic medical record (EMR) system.


Patients securely access auto-delivered, age-appropriate content on bedside iPads.

Patients and their families can use the same devices to access educational content and research. When a patient is transferred or discharged, personal data is automatically wiped from the device.

Nurses also access and enter key patient data on proprietary iPhones for timely, data-informed bedside care.


VMware AirWatch

VMware vSphere