Customer Stories

Temple University Health System

Location: United States

Professional services operationalize hospital systems


The high standard of care required to support patients in healthcare is a key driver for Temple.

To support personalized experiences, data protection, and streamlined IT services, Temple partnered with VMware to integrate reliable, enhanced infrastructure and evolve their digital strategy.


Modernize legacy systems and move away from paper charts.

Reduce physical footprint in five (5) data centers, saving capital, real estate, and power.

Enable staff access to any network from any device, anytime, and anywhere.


Temple Health chose the VMware NSX platform to virtualize its network.

Hyper-converged infrastructure and a single-stack solution streamlines IT management.


Improved data security with easy micro-segmentation.

Sensitive patient data secured on any device that can access it.

More efficient medical staff and effective patient care.


VMware NSX

VMware vSphere

VMware vCenter

VMware vSAN

VMware vCloud Suite