Customer Stories


Established in 1934, Chow Sang Sang is known as a premier jewelry retailer in Greater China and currently has a retail network of over 600 stores across the region. To stay at the forefront of the industry, Chow Sang Sang operates a dynamic ecommerce strategy across multiple channels such as tmall, Jingdong Mall and in addition to its award-winning eshop, In 2018, the company's ecommerce business in Mainland China accounted for more than 15% of its China sales.


  • Ecommerce system slowdowns and outages due to sudden seasonal demands.
  • Faster time-to-market needed to maintain competitiveness.
  • Inadequate system support for CRM and the company's future cloud strategy.


Digital transformation with VMware software-defined data center (SDDC), VMware Enterprise PKS solution on Dell EMC VxRail HCI with Intel® Xeon® Gold 6154 Processor — an end-to- end, all-encompassing solution, from software, hardware and storage to consultation.


  • Enhanced competitiveness to ensure business results. Online stores and channels now run seamlessly and consistently with 24/7 availability, stable performance, and automated scalability.
  • Significantly enhances business agility and time-to-market with a shortened DevOps cycle.
  • Enables a reliable, scalable and secure infrastructure by orchestrating all components from the application layer all the way to the infrastructure layer.
  • Establishes a solid foundation for the company's future cloud strategy.