Customer Stories


  • Organized retailing company with the highest number of endpoint devices (about 170 thousand), the biggest customer transaction numbers, and opening 300 stores annually in Turkey.
  • 3,000 suppliers and more than 45 thousand employees.
  • Thousands of processes—including product acceptance through handsets, returns, order follow-up, taking out of the store, and receiving orders from the virtual market—are carried out through mobile devices.


  • Data access and security
  • Fast and extensive reporting
  • Effective management of tens of thousands of handsets and mobile devices


Migros not only provided time and cost efficiency, secure access and operational efficiency by integrating its mobile devices into Migros’s infrastructure, but also enabled its employees to use whatever device they wish to.


  • Opening new stores quickly
  • Fast updates to the software
  • Store managers can easily manage the whole store using one single tablet