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Location: United States

Protects retail data and brand


Shutterfly is an American Internet-based retailer specializing in image-publishing services.

The company was founded in 1999.

Today Shutterfly has over five brands serving over 10 million active customers and processing over 26 million orders per year.


Traditional endpoints are at high risk from loss or theft and are difficult to patch.

Once a threat has pierced the perimeter it is hard to mitigate damage.

Customer data is critical: a breach could carry large fines and and compromise brand loyalty.


Shutterfly developed a platform delivering device-agnostic, world-class memory management service connected to the smartest personalized e-commerce solutions.

As part of its SDDC strategy to support its mission, Shutterfly is leveraging VMware NSX to provide a secure infrastructure to automate and protect all customer and partner data, as well as empower its developers.


Secured customer data.

Further developed home-grown platforms rather than reengineering.

Gave power and autonomy to developers to spin up and tear down as needed.

Maintained brand loyalty and customer trust.


VMware NSX

VMware vRealize Automation

VMware Professional Services