Customer Stories


  • One of the largest cancer centers in the world, located in Houston, TX
  • 20,000 employees
  • More than 1,600 faculty members


  • Inflexible legacy networks could not keep up with critical applications, especially as remote sites were added
  • COVID-19 forced many employees to quickly set up home offices
  • Network issues slowed performance for radiologists, who must analyze bandwidth-hungry images quickly


Introduced automation and visibility to satellite offices, allowing fast and efficient deployment. Using zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), remote office workers can install the VMware SD-WAN Edge™ themselves. The device automatically connects to the cloud-based central management tool, the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator™. This immediately connects the physician, radiologist or staff worker to the corporate network. Using the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, network managers can see the individual VMware SD-WAN Edges activated and can troubleshoot issues from MD Anderson’s headquarters without traveling to other locations.

  • VMware SD-WAN™


  • Empowered remote care for high-risk cancer patients unable to visit traditional care site during COVID-19
  • Enabled remote radiologists to increase volume of scans analyzed per day through increased bandwidth and optimized network traffic delivery