Customer Stories


  • Fundamental to Australia’s economy as an essential community service.
  • Delivers an average of more than two million packages per day.
  • 35,000 employees across integrated delivery, logistics, retail, and eCommerce network, and an extended workforce of 70,000 contractors, subcontractors, licensees, and delivery partners.
  • Facilitates 82% of Australia’s eCommerce. In 2019, sent 3.3 billion items to 11.9 million delivery points across Australia and over 190 countries across the world.
  • Business expanded into financial and identity services, with traditional postal services remaining at its core.


  • Overcome significant legacy issues and complexity to increase digitalization and self-service.
  • Foster innovation by enabling a mobile channel and empower workforce with mobile technology that in turn helps to serve customers.
  • Support a range of BYOD devices and flexible working initiatives, while reducing operating costs.


VMware Workspace ONE® enabled Australia Post employees to securely access corporate resources from a variety of BYOD devices. The consolidation of device management into a strategic platform has also reduced operational costs.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ provided Australia Post with advanced, cloud-based endpoint protection, securing data, enabling quicker responses to incidents, and ensuring end-user devices are always protected.


  • Improved security compliance with better device visibility.
  • Enrolled BYOD devices onto the Workspace ONE platform, enabling personal phones to become scanners via the delivery app so that staff could help with deliveries.
  • Moved 5,000 corporate-owned devices to the platform, enabling users to have secure access to corporate resources.
  • Recorded A$7.5b in revenue in the 2019-20 financial year and staff were given a A$600 “thank you” payment for their efforts during the pandemic.